Oil paintings for sale                 

gudrun.alvebro@gmail.com notify me by email which paintings you are interested in buying.

"Built a nest"


"The Heavenly ladder"
 50x60 cm

60x60 cm

60x160 cm

"Hidden room"

"Window house" 80x 100 cm


There is a "Sheltered Harbor"

"The princess in the tower".
 65x85 cm

 "And the bird frew"    30x30 cm

"The way home"  30x30 cm

"The Grass"
60x80 cm

"Blue window"
40x50 cm 

 to Builds a Hut..    
 "Children Blanket Hut",          80 x100 cm

"The child"  60x80 cm

"And on Earth" 50x50 cm

"To save"
60x60 cm



Information to the buyer

  • I'll send the order within 7-14 business days.
  • You can also come and pick it up at my place in Täby.
  • Your email address is used only to send information related to your order, no other mailshots.


  • I use most preferably Paypal
  • I use UPS deliveries, they deliver from door to door.