Canvas is a photo print on canvas fabric.
It comes stretched on stretcher frame.
Sizes and prices refer to the images in paintings
and collografier.
  "Open"  foto on Canvas  50X50 .se image.

 Fotoutskrift .

Photo Print is a copy of the original painting or collograph printed on finer grade of paper.
Available in two sizes, a few selected paintings and collografier. They are supplied with glass and frame.
Size and price are under the images on paintings and collografierna.
1. Image dimensions 13x13 cm.
     with glass o frame 33x33. (see picture)
     Price: 700kr incl. glass, frame and shipping in Sweden.
2. Image dimensions 13x18 cm.
     Price 700kr incl. glass, frame and frakt.i Sweden.
For delivery in other countries contact me.